Ivaylo Penchev, CEO Walltopia: The job of the business is to create value

In difficult times уou usually brace up, the difficulties and the pain are change and develop for better. The job of the business is to create value, nothing is better than that, said for BGNES the Bulgarian entrepreneur Ivaylo Penchev, co-founder and executive director of the world leader in the production of climbing walls "Walltopia". The most responsible behaviour of enterpreneur or businessman is to take care about the business, he said. "This is the best way to create value". The Covid crisis has affected our business in two ways. On one side, ominously bad, on other – very good. We have discovered new niches, the entrepreneur emphasized. Despite the drop in earnings, Penchev did not even think for a moment to take anti-crisis advantage aid provided by the state and commented that he would resort to such a step only if he is threatened of bankruptcy. He is also adamant that the state should not support businesses financially, but rather should not stand in its way of development. According to the CEO of Waltopia, the most important social commitment of a company is to be competitive. "If a company is doing well in something, that’s the business it does. In my company, the best way to use my resources and the company’s resources is to make the best products. When I make the best products, people will get big salaries, we will hire more people and this is the way to create value in the society and something good for people", Penchev is convinced. /БГНЕС

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