Nikolo Kotzev: „Garvanliev Gate“ made obvious state discrimination in North Macedonia

“The case with Vassil Garvanliev, Macedonian singer who was about to enter the Eurovision contest with his own song, is in my opinion shameful for North Macedonians because of the repressions he received after he announced he fills himself like Bulgarian Macedonian. The repressions against him are something that North Macedonians should be ashamed of because music, politics and nationalism shouldn’t be mixed in any way“, told the BGNES News Agency Nikolo Kotzev. „Everyone has the right to feel who he is and what he is and to claim his nationality the way he is. The reason or whatever is happening to him now, shows exactly why Bulgarian government and Bulgarian people feels that North Macedonia is not ready to enter the European community. It’s exactly what is happening to Vassil Garvanliev in North Macedonians are against Vassil Garvanliev who says: “I’m Bulgarian Macedonian”, and in the same time they claim they should have the right to say what they feel they are, but now they are repressing someone who doesn’t feel like them, which is actually closes all the doors to the European community”, told Nikolo Kotzev. /БГНЕС

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