Prof. Kyosev: The politics is a concern for the polis, not a pre-election struggle

“I’m not a political scientist, I’m a culturologist, I’m doing culture studies and culture investigations. My meaning of politics is different one and it’s etymological origin is from the words, from the old greek word “πόλις” (polis) and the real politics is care for, of and about the polis. It’s about the community of citizens. I don’t believe that Bulgarian politics is care about the citizens for, of and so on”. This was stated in an interview for BGNES by the culturologist and university lecturer Prof. Alexander Kyosev.
According to him, in this very sophisticated media game with its own complexities, this political and media game is imitation of policy.
“In fact very few of the Bulgarian political actors are real politicians. They are media stars in one way or another”, he added.
Kyosev also paid attention to the problems of Bulgarian culture and the policy in the area and the sector of culture.
“I do believe that this issue is not very important for the most of the political parties, but it is important for our party and for our coalition of parties called Democratic Bulgaria and we have a website and our concretes, very detailed program in the area of cultural policy. It’s there for whoever likes to see it”, concluded the culturologist. /BGNES

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