Yordan Bozhilov: NATO is seriously concerned about Russian activity

The strengthening of Russia’s military presence in close to NATO regions is a matter of serious concern. That was said for BGNES by Yordan Bozhilov, who is chairman of the Non-Governmental Organisation Sofia Security Forum.

“NATO and allies are concerned about the increased military activities of Russia all along NATO borders. We know that in a recent weeks there where several approaches by Russian military airplanes towards the borders of NATO conflicts, which triggered the reaction of NATO”, he said.

Its certain to him that the military build-up on the borders between Russia and Ukraine causes concern to NATO and the allies because this is additional security situation and frightens the vision of stability.

“We expressed our concerns about possible intervention of Russia and Russian militaries in the territorial conflicts which is between Ukraine and the separatist forces in Donetsk and Lugansk”, he added.

All this together creates an extremely serious threat to regional and international security", is the conclusion of Yordan Bozhilov. /BGNES

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